Earth Moon


Protravel at The Woodlands can assist you in planning these most exclusive one-of-a-kind space voyages:



Earth from the moon

Lead the first planned private expedition to the moon. This will be a circumlunar mission using a unique combination of existing and flight tested Russian technology. This mission builds on space technology originally developed for manned lunar missions, and has been flown over decades as part of the world’s most successful human spaceflight program.

You will begin your journey to the far side of the moon by first launching aboard a Soyuz spacecraft. Then, a subsequent launch will occur of an unmanned rocket booster. Your spacecraft will rendezvous with this additional system in low-Earth-orbit. The engagement of the two will provide your spacecraft with the required propellant to travel to the moon. Once the firing of the booster is complete, the two systems will separate and you will continue on your majestic journey.

International Space Station

Be one of the first 500 people to ever reach Earth orbit. There have been only six private citizens to conduct a space mission aboard the International Space Station. In this mission you will orbit the Earth every 90 minutes and see nearly the entire Earth surface.

You will live, floating in a completely weightless environment for 10 days and see the night sky like you have never seen it before and develop great appreciation for the true majesty of the universe and the fragility of Earth.



Space walk

If that was not enough excitement, you can become the first private citizen to walk in space. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and a historic moment that will never be matched. Relatively few astronauts and cosmonauts have ever left the confines of the space station, but all agree that it is an unforgettable experience. Extra Vehicular Activity, often referred to as a spacewalk, is one of the pinnacles of human spaceflight. Even for cosmonauts and astronauts, the opportunity to leave the space station and float above the Earth is a rare and inspiring experience.


You will train for your spaceflight and spacewalk at the legendary Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia and spend a memorable 16 days living in the International Space Station. Spacewalks have been conducted to complete the construction, and facilitate routine maintenance and repair of the space station, and to conduct scientific experimentation that cannot be performed from within the ISS.


Take Off

Witness the launch of a Soyuz spaceship and tour the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Observe the pre-launch activities and witness the spectacular launch from a distance of less than one mile. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Yuri Gagarin Training Center in Star City, just outside Moscow, where cosmonauts have been training to travel to space since the dawn of the Space Age.

Imagine a sound so powerful that you feel it reverberating throughout your entire body as you stand in the midst of uninhabited plains of Central Asia. This is the sound of a high performance Soyuz rocket carrying its crew of three space explorers into orbit. This moment will stay with you forever . . .

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