Body and Soul


yogaAfter you have begun your new journey to wellness you will discover that simply eating right and taking supplements will make you feel better but they won’t be enough. As part of your new plan you need to de-stress. Wellness travel can help you achieve and maintain your maximum health and promote a sense of wellbeing. In today’s fast moving world there is nothing more important than caring for your physical and mental wellbeing by reducing stress.


Protravel at The Woodlands will allow you to discover new ways to promote a healthier, less stressful lifestyle and find balance in one’s life. This path to wellness includes not only healthy eating and physical and sporting activities but you should also consider spa treatments, yoga and inspirational outings. Learn to clear and expand the mind with adventures and educational programs. They teach us how to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. Experiencing something new such as another culture or just observing nature can keep your mind sharp and spirits high. A simple wellness weekend to relax is a great start.


Wellness travel includes destination Spas, cruising, golfing, tennis, hiking, biking, adventure travel, all –inclusive resorts, educational travel or just a city stay at hotel with a Spa. Instead of coming home from a vacation exhausted and needing a couple to days to rest up before you resume your normal life a wellness break re-energizes and rejuvenates you so that you really feel like you had a vacation.


Thai massageTypes of Spas offering a variety of treatments:

  1. Resort Spas – such as on a tropical island

  2. Urban Hotel Spas – from budget to luxury

  3. Destination Spas – all –inclusive [a couple of days or a week]. Full immersion programs [weight loss or de-stress] and a healthy cuisine with education

  4. Spa Lifestyle Communities – centered around a spa and physical activities

  5. Medical Spas - traditional Western or alternative medicine. Comprehensive preventive and wellness care. Cosmetic aesthetic enhancement with integrated spa services.

  6. Day Spas – offer a variety of treatments from massage to facials on a day-use basis

  7. Cruise ship spas. Aboard ocean liners with healthy Spa and cuisine, plenty of relaxation and time to de-stress, healthy menu selections offered at meals, Fitness center (some offer personal trainers, Pilates and yoga), Swimming pool and jogging tracks, plenty of opportunities to exercise on shore i.e. Scuba Diving, Hiking, Deep Sea Fishing, Golfing, Biking, Kayaking and many more.